3 Great Alternate Business Card Uses for Your Business Marketing


A business card may sound like it has only one purpose, which is to have a strong first impression. But contrary to popular belief, a business card can be used in many ways. They can benefit a business in many ways besides acting as the usual primary marketing tool as far as acquiring a new client is concerned. Lots of paper options, colors, fonts, and styles make business cards a very effective multi-purpose business tool.

High-quality business card printing at many custom business cards printing service allows you to have effective business cards at affordable rates along with fast turnarounds and low minimums. In this blog, we shall, however, be talking about a few ways in which you can make use of your business cards other than in the usual way.

Here are 3 ways in which you can use your business cards:

  1. Loyalty cards: Loyalty cards serve as proof of acknowledgment on your part for your customers. They are an effective means to encourage commitment by rewarding the customers. For this, you might want to provide space on one side of the business card for the collection of loyalty stamps. This is a great way for restaurants, bars, coffee shops and lunch spots to increase customer traffic. It also helps in linking up different branches across a franchise as customers can sue the loyalty stamps in different locations. Moreover, it’s a lot of fun for the customers to see their stamps ad up.It can make a person choose you over your competitor.

Online business cards printing lets you choose from a varied range of business cards of different styles, shapes, and sizes according to the nature of your business. Opt for a matte finish so that the ink of the royalty stamp does not smudge off.

  1. Appointment reminder cards: Appointment cards are very handy for businesses whose services are arranged or booked for in advance. This includes doctors, dentists, salons, hairdressers, mechanics, therapists, personal trainers and more of the sort. Thiskind of business cards is not only a handy reminder of your business but an extra reminder if put up on pin-boards after the scheduled date has passed. Add your contact details including the address and phone number. This will be helpful for the customers in case he or she runs late or needs to change the time of the appointment. Mention a message to notify as soon as possible in case they need to cancel the appointment.

Online printing of business cards allows you to print attractive cards made out of opaque plastic, color inserts, metallic paper and lots more. This lets you add a unique touch to your brand which also helps in remembering about you. Based on the nature of the business, there are also various shapes of business cards available e.g. round, cloud, ink drop, leaf, heart, octagon, triangle and many more.

  1. Referral cards: Referral cards act as the perfect spread-the-word tool for your brand. Consider handing them out to your existing customers and spread the word to their family, friends, and colleagues. Provide an offer which that if a person follows the referral and visits your brand premises or contacts your brand, both the customers will receive a discount or a freebie.
    Leisure companies, accountancy, and tax businesses and other legal services,can use this kind of promotion for their promotion. Moreover, referral cards increase the chances of having higher visibility in a community thereby boosting your brand awareness.

Consider incorporating space for both ‘referred to’ and ‘referred by’ customers which will help you recognize them and give themthe benefit.It might be that the person referred to may not have heard of you, so add images for products or bullet-list for services to stress on your brand.

Opting for online printing services lets you provide your artwork to the business cards. They even provide templates that will help you in choosing a suitable design.

These 3 are great ways to make use of business cards in more than one manner. This will not only give your brand uniqueness but also increase your traffic.

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