4 Pros and Cons of Working From Home


If you’ve never worked from home, it can seem like the perfect scenario. After all, what could be better than simply rolling out of bed and being directly in your office without even having to get dressed?

Although working from home initially seemed like a great idea, the truth is that it can often come with just as many pros as it does cons.

Before you assume that it’s the best way to go, it’s important that you carefully weigh out everything in front of you. Here are some of the pros and cons of working from home that you may not yet have considered.

Con: It’s Not Realistic For Every Career

There are some jobs that just can’t be done from home. For example, if you work in the architectural industry, then you have to be on site a good portion of the time, otherwise your work will suffer for it..  If you’re a doctor, then you won’t be able to deliver as strong of a diagnosis unless you’re face to face with your patients.  Although some of your work may be doable remotely, there are some jobs that require you to go in person.

Pro: Saved Money

Statistics show that people who work from home are five times more likely to save more money at the end of the month than those who earn the same amount of money and work in a traditional office.

The reason for this comes down to several different factors. Firstly, you no longer require transportation costs to get to your place of employment. Secondly, you’re also less likely to eat out in restaurants. These are two of the biggest expenses that come along with working outside of the home. When you eliminate your commute, and eat a home cooked meal, you can cut potentially hundreds out of your monthly spending budget.

Con: It Can Be Difficult To Stay Focused

It can be extremely difficult to stay focused when working from home. This is especially true for people who have children. When you work in a space that is entirely devoted to your job, you’re less likely to get distracted by things like housework, or other people in your home.

However, it doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible to stay focused at home. Most remote workers swear by creating a specific working environment for working hours, which may be a separate room altogether. By creating an office space that doesn’t feel like the rest of your home, you’ll be less likely to get distracted.

Pro: More Flexibility

Remote work means much more flexibility since you don’t have a nine to five traditional schedule. You can take breaks to do things like eat, shower, or even get some work done around the house. When you work in an office environment you can only tend to your personal matters before or afterwards, which can leave you feeling restrained.

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