Benefits of Work from Home for Employers


The end of the circuit breaker will be done in three stages, and we are already on the first phase. Well, it will still take around a month for the government to decide if it is already time to let more companies operate like usual. Anyway, either or not, firms will need to put in a lot of considerations in their employee’s well-being.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) have jointly issued safety guidelines for companies to follow when operating during the pandemic. One of them includes letting employees continue Remote Working After Circuit Breaker. Job holders who can use the internet lines for work must continue doing so.

Efficient Communication

There is software like Zoom and Google Meet which can instantly let you hold a meeting online. Companies can communicate and talk to their workers at any time, as no one is going to ‘be away’. Furthermore, keeping and sharing files, documents, records, etc. is going to be easier and safer when done through electronic pulses.

Better Productivity

Employees can choose their own time to work when they are the most efficient. There are fewer social distractions, and everyone can decide on their individual breaks. As employees work in the comfort of their own home, they will feel freer to work. Furthermore, all the time spent during travel from home to office is saved, and there is lesser pressure.

Saving Budget

Companies have been making wages and even job cuts, even with support programs like the Jobs Support Scheme (Check Singapore budget 2020 summary). During this time, saving every single penny counts.

The employees don’t have to incur travel costs, while employers don’t need to even spend on lunch or holiday parties. Furthermore, if a company transitions to full work from the home basis, it doesn’t need a lot of office space, so it can save on the rent as well.

Better Health and Wellness

It isn’t only about the coronavirus; your employees are less likely to get other illnesses. Also, being able to work from home makes everyone feel mentally fulfilled, so your employees will always ‘feel great.’ Healthy employees always add up to the best work quality.

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