Budget-Friendly Officer Renovation Guide


Officer renovation on a budget is not easy. It can be challenging and can definitely hurt your tight budget. Revamping your office will not only change the personality of the space but it can also help motivate you and your employees, improve its functionality, and even attract new clients! So if you are looking into renovating your officer, here’s a guide that you can use for this next project.

Budget According To Room Size

If you are thinking about your budget, make sure that you also consider the room size. Remodeling the entire office might seem like a good idea, but you can reduce the cost if you remodel just the important areas. Here’s how to budget according to your office size:

  • Measure that area and divide it according to priority.
  • Take note of the needed items for remodeling as well as the costs.
  • Calculate your estimated total amount to remodel.
  • Compare the cost with your budget. If the cost is higher than your budget, re-check your list and cancel those that are less-required.
  • Calculate again until your total remodeling cost equals your budget.

Flooring Cost And Budget

When it comes to the definition of the personality of your office, the flooring plays a very important role. Wooden or tired floors are perfect for a workspace. But you also have to make sure that it is comfortable to walk. You can do your flooring cost research, or also check out office fit out companies Melbourne. If you are on a tight budget, then just replace the flooring of the most used area like the doorways, stairs, and passages.

Wall Paintings and Art

Wall art can create a dramatic look and change the personality of your office. But choosing the right color for your office paint is much cheaper. Also, you can use diffeernt wall paints and designs instead of using wallpaper.

Windows Should Be More Functional

Windows are there for a reason. So why not use it to your advantage? You can replace them with energy-efficient windows because this can make youo save up to 35% of your electric bills for the entire year. If you choose the tinted ones, it can reflect the dangerous ultraviolet lights and will just allow the healthy sunlight to enter your office. If you have better windows, it can improve the lighting of your office so you will not be needing artificial lights anymore.

Update Your Lighting

An office that is well-lit is more inviting and warm. You and your employees depend greatly on lighting for productivity and comfort. If it is too bright or maybe too dim, it can also cause discomfort. So when updating your lighting, why not consider professional lights like energy-saving bulbs and replace your lamps. If you want to make it look more grand, then install wall lamps and just a small chandelier.

Among the factors mentioned above, the most important is the budget. Make sure that you are financially ready to make the changes. If you are, then give office fit out companies Melbourne a call to find out your office remodeling options.


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