Could My Business Benefit from Using Flexible Hose


A flexible hose – defined as any conduit for carrying fluid from one point to another which is flexible and capable of movement – is a great asset to many industries in many situations. Providing excellent adaptability and versatility, and much more capacity to adapt to changing conditions or provide flexibility in specific usage scenarios, a flexible hose is an excellent addition to many hardware, processing and transfer systems.

But how do these business benefits stack up against other conduits, like pipes? Can the available varieties of flexible hose measure up to other conduit types? This blog post aims to answer those questions and more – keep reading or visit the Proflex Hose website for more information!

What Sets a Flexible Hose Apart from a Pipe?

A flexible hose may superficially seem to be similar to a pipe, and may even be confused for one on occasion – but they serve very different functions. Both composed at their simplest of a tube which transports fluid, usually with affixing components at either end, a pipe is rigid and will not allow flexibility or bending anywhere along its length, while a flexible hose is, as the name may suggest, flexible and able to bend wherever necessary.

Both have their advantages – a pipe is, after all, often able to remain stationary without support all along its length, will not sag and cannot move, making it ideal for installation within walls, engines, under floors, and in other systems which do not require any flexibility. In fact, in many of these systems, the use of a flexible hose may actually decrease effectiveness and efficiency, making a rigid pipe the ideal choice.

However, in many other hose assemblies, the flexibility of a flexible hose is invaluable. Flexible hoses are able to prevent the transmission of vibration across the length of the hose, compensate for pipework misalignment and allow movement in the section of the assembly in which they are established. This is crucial in any assembly with moving parts, and anything which must be able to adapt to changing demands or different conditions of use. Ultimately, the thing that sets flexible hose above the competition is right there in the name – flexibility, not just physical, but metaphorical as well.

What Kinds of Flexible Hose Are There?

High-quality flexible hoses from Proflex Hose are available in a huge variety of construction types, materials and specifications to suit any requirements which you may have. The flexible hoses from Proflex Hose include:

  • Stainless steel flexible hose with stainless steel braided sheath
  • PTFE smoothbore hose
  • PTFE convoluted hose
  • Corrugated hose
  • Composite hose made with metal wire spirals and film or polymer wrapping
  • Bellows hoses

What are the Advantages to Using Flexible Hoses?

Flexible hoses can provide a range of advantages when used as part of a hose assembly – including bridging gaps between two moving components, cancelling noise, preventing transmission of vibrations from one part of a system to another (as seen in domestic heating systems between the boiler pump and central heating piping) and allowing flexibility of use, as seen with most fluid transmission outlet systems which must be directed where necessary. The advantages of using a flexible hose for your business don’t end there though – get in touch with Proflex Hose to see what they can do for you!

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If you would like to know more about the flexible hoses available from Proflex Hose, you can get in touch with us at any time using our contact number, 01257 220 010, or by clicking through to the Proflex Hose official website using the links embedded in this blog post. The links in this post navigate directly there, and once on the site, you’ll be able to peruse at your leisure, learn more about the flexible hose from Proflex Hose, and even click through to our “Contact Us” page to gain access to a plethora of communications methods like online contact forms and email addresses.

Once you have gotten in touch with Proflex Hose, you can avail of the expertise of their industry-leading head office staff, who will be happy to provide any information which you may require to make the best possible decision for your flexible hoses. With a wide variety of hoses available, and each one suited to different requirements, the staff at Proflex Hose are well-equipped to provide the expert advice and specialist knowledge you need when setting up your business’ flexible hose assemblies. They will also be able to answer any questions which you may have about the flexible hoses available, their specifications, limitations and other features which may prove to be of use to your business endeavours.

Don’t leave the success or failure of your business endeavours up to chance and risk winding up with substandard flexible hose – Proflex Hose are the best in the business, and can be contacted on 01257 220 010 or by visiting their site. They look forward to helping you!

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