Customer Loyalty How to Retain It in Online Jewelry Business


Irrespective of the volume of online business, it is very important to value customer loyalty. It has been statistically proven that repeat customers spending are generally 67% more than any new customer. Another advantage is that retaining customer loyalty can be done just by the click of a button while attracting new customers requires a lot of spending on affiliate programs; email programs, social media interactions etc.

In order to retain old customers, it is important for them to be happy with the services offered and feel important. This can be done by:

  • Opening up communication channels

Frequency of communication ensures that the online jewelry website remains fresh in the minds of the customers and also keeps them informed about upcoming offers and deals. In addition to this sending greeting on birthdays, anniversaries, other special occasions etc., also makes them feel that the website really cares for them. Social media interactions are another excellent way to keep an ongoing communication with loyal customers. 

  • Providing extra perks

Loyalty is a rare quality and deserves to be awarded. In the online jewelry business too loyal customers should be given perks in the form of a reward system, invites to special meets and greets immediate delivery etc. This will not only encourage loyal customers to stick around but also encourage new customers to try to reach this status.

  • Special payment plans

Jewelry business is somewhat seasonal for the wedding season sees a huge influx of demands while there is a distinct drop in the sales at other times. Planning a method of deferred payment for the loyal customers will encourage them to buy even during the off-seasons and pay on a monthly or quarterly basis as per the plan selected. This will also ensure that the drop in sales during the of-season for the online jewelry business is not very steep.

  • Appreciation

This is a very important method of retaining customers especially when it is an online jewelry store. One way to do it is to ask the customers to click their latest pictures which can be uploaded on the website to celebrate the customers birthday or because he has achieved success in a loyalty program etc. 

The above things help to make the customers feel special and they are then less inclined to shift to another competing online store.

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