How To Maintain The Cleanliness Of Your Office Space


It is undisputedly true that working in an environment that is dirty and clattered does result in shoddy work done. With the constant buzzing of flies around you or a stench, you can’t stand, will for sure distort your concentration. It is also rather annoying and quite unhygienic walking into the office bathroom only to find a water logged floor with dirty tissues all over the floor. No one is able to work under such conditions, and that is why office management should utilize the following points to maintain the cleanliness of the office space.

  1.   Hire Cleaning Service Company

No one wants to report to work only to find a chores chart with their name on it. Especially if the chores have something to do with getting in contact with water or touching a broom. Most people won’t have it. Why would you apply to work as a manager to be designated the chore of cleaning the toilet? It is quite unheard of and frankly unorthodox. And that is where office cleaning firms do come in. By hiring such an organization, everything is done at the right time, with the right people under the proper job description. The cleaning staff makes sure that before the staff members report to work, their work stations are clean and in order.

  1.   Placement Of Dustbins All over The office

The installation of dustbins all over the office will encourage the workers to throw all form of trash into the bins. This will reduce the littering all over the office, keeping it clean of paper on the floor. The management should also opt to use eco-friendly trash collection systems, such that paper products are placed in one bin while bio-degradable materials are placed in another. This helps the garbage collectors in the sorting of trash after collection.

  1.   Encourage Office staff To Recycle

The management is also liable in the training and encouraging the staff members into the recycling of certain office materials. Things such as paper in the case of outdated documents may be repurposed to make to-do lists or scribbling surfaces. Paperclips and thumb tags may also be used repeatedly so as to save on funds and other resources.

  1.   Encourage Office Staff To Only Eat Where There Are Allowed To

To keep the office air clean from the stench of rotting and fermented foods, specific steps need to be taken. The management should encourage the staff member to only eat in the designated areas. Meaning for this to happen, there is a need for a break room where the workers get to have their meals. Contemporary office settings provide such places as an additional privilege. Simple breakrooms may just have tables and chairs, but some come furnished with a fridge, a microwave, and a sink. All these appliances do help in the maintaining of a clean working area. There will be reduced cases of food and drink spillages on the office floors as well as on the official documents.


Lastly, additional features the management may install are the use of sensor taps and the automated hand dryers in the washrooms. The automatic faucets reduce water spillages and wastage, and the hand dryer minimizes the use of tissue in the loos. By maintaining the cleanliness of the office workspace, you create a conducive work environment.

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