Mistakes to avoid when choosing paint colors


Paint is not permanent, but the labor, effort, and resources that go into it warrant careful consideration. You may want to do your best and get the desired product, but by the time you’re cleaning the brush, you realize that you’re unhappy with what you see. That comes if you rush into doing the painting and ignore a few things. Most people who end up regretting their painting work are those who chose to go the DIY way. With a painting professional, it is not easy to go astray, and you’re the third eye, so you can correct things before all is lost.

Following are some of the mistakes you need to avoid when choosing paint colors

Lack of patience

Most people suffer disappointments because of rushed decisions. There’s something about gut feeling that should always prevail.  Even after you’ve heard others opinions and you think you’re the best decision, you must pause and involve your gut. Ask yourself questions like; will my feel and liking about this color still stand for the next five years? Do some thorough research and ask for the views of experts and people you trust. You’d better spend your quality time deciding to rush and make mistakes.

Failure to see the big picture

The color choices you make don’t exist in a vacuum. There’s the issue of tone and color texture for other surfaces and décor. Therefore, while you have fallen in love with a particular color, you must consider choosing it contextually.  Ask yourself if the color choice will work in the specific space. If you plan to paint two or more colors, you need to select the colors in tandem. A natural color will not excite you so much but could be a perfect contrast for another light/ loud color.

Not considering lighting

You can’t walk into the room you want to paint during the daytime and then decide the perfect colors to use. Lighting applied in a particular space will always have a significant impact on how the paint color looks. If you neglect that fact, you may go ahead and do the painting only to realize that it’s not what you anticipated. You may also be thinking of replacing your lights in the future, which should also be a factor in making your decision.  Again, you need to know how the rooms look like at night and compare it with the daylight, affecting the choice of paint color.

Not taking time to test colors.

How can you buy Patio Restoration paint in bulk and you’ve not tested the colors on the surface you want to paint? This is where most property owners make a mistake. The way paint appears on paper is not the same as when applied on the wall. Before you buy, you need to get samples and try using them on the walls you want to paint.

Choosing the right paint is not rocket science. You only need to be patient; take a few samples and test the surface you want to paint. That way, you’ll get it right. Choose also a painting company that has an excellent reputation for quality at affordable fees.

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