5 Cool Features You Can Include in Your New Home Build


5 Cool Features You Can Include in Your New Home Build

Building a new home is a great way to incorporate your own unique personality and style into the property. A new build gives you the ultimate freedom to make intricate changes and prioritize areas that serve your family’s unique needs in the most comprehensive way possible. Yet, many who are building a home don’t realize how to identify and prioritize these needs. With this list of five great areas to focus on, building your dream home is easier than ever.

1. A Home Bar

One of the easiest ways to entertain guests is with the inclusion of a home bar. For those building their home from the foundation up, making space for a home bar is quite simple. Perusing a list of home bar essentials is a great way to gain inspiration for the layout and size of the bar that you might want to add into your home’s footprint, as well as for stocking the space with ample amounts of ingredients for great cocktails. Building a home bar is a unique and exciting way to bring a statement piece into the home. This is perfect for parties and guests and can make a great space for a guys’ or girls’ night in on any day of the week.

2. Patio Space

Outdoor areas are a must for anyone thinking of building their own home. Studies have shown that time spent outdoors can greatly increase your mood, peace of mind, and natural stress reduction throughout the day. Adding a pool or outdoor lounge area is a fantastic way to take advantage of the natural surroundings that beautify your community. As well, by incorporating a patio that extends directly beyond the primary living room, you can create the natural feeling of a larger, more open living space. This brings in natural light, enhances the luxury of the home, and can create a boosted resale value that will really benefit you down the road if you choose to eventually sell the home.

3. Custom Kitchen

Anyone considering new construction hard money loans is bound to be highly excited over the prospect of a customized kitchen layout. For many, the kitchen serves as the focal point of a home. It’s often centrally located, and the energy of the cooking space rolls out into the surrounding areas of the property. This means that the kitchen influences the environment of the remaining property. A great kitchen on a primary home or investment property should be organized with the builder well in advance of breaking ground.

Builders and those using new construction loan options from private lenders (as opposed to conventional loans or other hard money loan options) must work together to ensure that the kitchen and remainder of the real estate are working in harmony in order to create the perfect home. Whether this will be an investment property (using a flip loan), a rental property that provides rental income each month, or a family home, these are essential considerations to make.

4. Bathrooms

The bathrooms can provide a luxurious experience for a real estate owner. Taking the time to create bathrooms that provide a comforting atmosphere is an important responsibility for a builder and real estate investor alike. Make sure that you’ve planned out the plumbing needs and the layout of each bathroom space in order to create a flow throughout the home that is seamless and comfortable.

5. Storage Space

Finally, many real estate investors and homeowners forget about the importance of great storage space. Highlighting closets, attic areas, and other storage facilities within the property is a must for the greatest possible peace of mind in the home. Residents don’t want to fight with clutter every day in their homes, and the best way to avoid this is to create ample storage space for all of life’s collections.

Tackle these five action items to create the best possible new build home.

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