6 tips for feeling and performing at your best at work


We all go through difficult times where we feel like we’re ready to leave our jobs and move onto something new, and though there’s certainly scope in doing so, you should first take some time to reframe your current situation and decide whether you’re actually just stuck in a rut. Below, we’ve put together some tips for feeling and performing at your best at work.

Keep your personal life personal

It’s so easy to bring your personal life into work, talking to your coworker about your family or relationship problems, but it’s a bad idea. Sure, chat to your friends about your kids’ school play and achievements, but know when to rein it in and stay professional. Being able to separate your work life and personal life can be really tough, but with practice, you’ll get there, and you’ll become more focused and productive as a result. Plus, in time, you’ll be able to leave work at the front door and come home feeling refreshed and ready to relax.

Stay organized

One of the easiest ways to lose your cool at work and feel like everything’s getting on top of you is to forget about an organization. Being able to organize your schedule and prioritize tasks is so important – and ticking them off your list can give you a great sense of achievement. Be productive and stay in control of your workload; you’ll then get on top of your responsibilities. 

Move around regularly

Another reason why we become dissatisfied at work is that we spend so much time sitting in the same chair, staring at the same screen. It’s never been more important to look after your mental and physical health, so spend a few minutes every hour doing something physical. It could be walking to a colleague rather than emailing them, popping to the toilet on the floor below, or going out for lunch rather than sitting in the company canteen – little things help.

Know what you should and shouldn’t do

Tired of taking on additional responsibilities or feeling like you’re the only one who knows what you are doing? Review your job description and start saying no to things that are above or below your pay grade. For example, if you’re hired as a marketing manager, you should not be spending your Friday afternoons scrubbing toilets. Your company should instead invest in a facilities management company and outsource such tasks. Be clear on your limits and speak to your HR department if you’re worried you’re being taken advantage of.

Focus on the positives

Another way to change the way you think about work – and become more productive and engaged as a result – is to focus on the good things. You might love the location of your office, or the friends you’ve made in your role. Stay engaged on the positives and you’ll soon realize that the negatives – that annoying co-worker and difficult client – are worth the stress.

Drink more water

Finally, make sure that you’re taking good care of yourself both at work and at home. It’s vital that you stay well-hydrated throughout the day, as this can have a serious impact on your energy levels and performance. Invest in a water bottle and sip away throughout the day – at least two liters of water is recommended for the average adult – more in some situations.

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