A Few Tips to Find the Best CNC Milling Machine (Used or New)


There is currently a lot of tech making the rounds in the CNC machines market. Not many of them are accessible price-wise. If you know your way around these type of machines, it might not take much to fix an old one, but chances are that the used tech has already seen its best days long gone by now. As it happens with cars, if you choose to buy a used machine to save money, you will probably end up spending a lot of money doing repairs instead of milling. Buying a new one is always an option, but it’s also a pretty hefty investment.

Before you let your hard earned money on the counter, check out the following tips to get an affordable CNC machine that satisfies your needs.

Think About the Size of the CNC Machine you Need

First of all, you need to get your bearings and measure the size of the floor space you need to place your brand new machine and all the gear it comes with it. If you have a clear idea about the kind of project you will develop with it, you need to know how to store the raw materials you will be using on the machine. You will also need a vented hood, some gear to mitigate particles and a cooling system.

The Materials you Will be Machining

If your plan is to test your machining skills on simple parts, you can get an older machine that has been rebuilt, or you can try your hand with a gently-used CNC machining. A seller rarely lies about the condition of these machines since its ownership can be traced back by the serial number of it. If you plan to build complex parts that need more axes to create anything, you need to get a new machine since they tend to be more versatile.

If You are Considering a Used Option, Research the Manufacturer

If you plan to get a used CNC machine, the first step should be check for the manufacturer of the machine you have set your sight on. If the company is still open for business, ask them if they still sell the replacement parts that you will eventually need for your old CNC machine. If they tell you the model has been discontinued, it would be best to buy a lightly-used machine or a new one.

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