Factors to Understand About Pink Diamond Investments


While buying something precious and costly everyone thinks to get the maximal amount while returning it. Diamonds are precious stones, be it a pink or white worn by people all over the globe. Pink diamonds look elegant and are hardly found just like white diamonds.

The majority of the pink diamond is extracted from Argyle mine located in Western Australia. Because of which the diamond is termed as Argyle pink diamonds. Though there are pink diamonds which differs in the shades and hues.

As the Australian Argyle diamond mine is about to close in 2020 because of which the top-rated experts approximate that in the approaching years the annual wholesale price will be more as compared to the exact past annual prices.

In the past 11 years, various varieties of pink diamond including Fancy Pink, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid Pink prices have hiked by 367%. Therefore makes them one of the swiftest hard assets all over the globe at present.

So if you thought to buy a diamond for the purpose of investment then here we are providing some useful information to be kept in mind while investing in Argyle pink diamond includes-

  • The most significant thing is you should pay the same wholesale price as offered by the jeweller and not the inflated retail price. As when you return the diamond then the return rate will be as per the wholesale price.
  • Know the supply and demand of Argyle pink diamonds. As the financial professionals estimate that the demand for argyle pink diamond will increase rapidly and may exceed the supply globally because of this the prices will increase naturally providing you with a fair opportunity for long term benefits.
  • In the past 11 years, Argyle pink diamonds have shown an unbeatable performance in the investment market globally. The data clearly picturised that the pink diamond has surpassed other worthy gems and assets. In fact, it has shown an increase of 30.6 annually with a sum average increase of 367%.
  • Another important thing is it can be transferred from one generation to other (grandparents to their offspring and so on) without any loss. In fact, because of its scarcity, its worth is increasing day by day. In this way, it helps to maintain wealth for a longer duration of time.
  • A well-structured investment portfolio minimizes the risks allied with volatility in the market. Cross Asset Correlation has just doubled in recent years whereas the Argyle pink diamond has shown no impact of it.
  • Because of the low to almost no volatility and constant increasing prices the Argyle pink diamonds are becoming the first choice among self-managed super fund (SMSF) investors.
  • As diamonds are always priced in international currency, i.e., dollars so you don’t have to worry about the ups and downs in the rate of local currencies. Wherever you go you’ll get the pay as per the rate of the dollar.

So keeping these factors in mind, start your investment in pink diamonds today to get a handsome refund in the future.

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