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VPN Area is a Bulgarian company that has its servers in Switzerland. Their location ensures security and no logs are kept by this company, ensuring that even if their servers are compromised, your identity will remain secret.

Why use Area VPN

Using a VPN is something many modern internet users are turning to. This is because of the risks involved with using the internet nowadays. Internet security is one of the most important things to consider if you are someone that uses it a lot. One of the best ways to do this is by using a VPN.

AreaVPN is one of the leading VPNs and a viable option for those wanting to use a VPN for security as well as utility.

There are two main utility uses of a VPN. The first is streaming and the other P2P connections. When streaming online content, there are some problems you may face. Some countries do not allow online streaming and other content. One example is China, which has strict censorship on all internet content. Regardless of whether you want to watch your favorite series or catch up on the Western news, you will be unable to. Luckily, this is where Area VPN comes into play.

Area VPN uses its various servers and protocols to allow users to tunnel their location worldwide. By successfully tunneling your location, your ISP/government will not be able to block the content you wish to view. Occasionally you may run into a problem where the Area VPN servers are not allowing you to access your content. In these rare situations, their customer service team is usually quick to make changes and ensure that everything is operational.

Another similar situation is with P2P connections. Some connections block access to P2P services, like torrent downloads, because of the inherent piracy involved. By using AreaVPNs P2P servers, you will be able to unlock access to these torrent downloads and ensure your privacy at the same tie.

Area VPN Packages

Area VPN only offers VPN services and they have a few packages to choose from, all offering the same services, except for the fixed IP option of the longer packages.

Customers can choose between a single month, 6 months, or 1-year subscription. The monthly price is rather expensive, at $9,90 a month, but the prices decrease significantly, with a 6-month subscription costing $8 a month and a 1-year subscription costing $5 a month. This decrease makes the yearly package a popular choice among Area VPN users.

The only drawback about the Area VPN packages is the lack of a trial period. So users wanting to try out the VPN will have to commit for at least the first month. Luckily, they do have an airtight money-back guarantee. This guarantee has never been called into question before, which is promising.

Area VPN combines all the necessities of a good VPN and ensures that guests maintain connected at high speeds throughout its use. Reliability and customer support is something the company prides themselves in.