Can you actually find work on load boards?


Load boards or freight boards are online matching systems that allow shippers and freight brokers to post loads. Load boards are a versatile and effective platform for finding work or loads. Carriers can advertise their truck’s availability to freight brokers or search for suitable loads themselves. This system allows shippers and carriers to find each other and enter into an agreement to move freight.

The most important quality of a load board is its insight into current trucking/lane market trends. Knowing how to read a load board can help truckers and freight brokers get the best rates. Another advantage is the load boards can be accessed through the convenience of an Android or IOS mobile app rather than making frequent phone calls. These boards are the backbone to the trucking industry and truckers have to stay on top of them to bid for jobs as they update in real-time.

Users of the most load board pays a subscription fee to log into the load board to post loads or post empty trucks in order to either cover their freight or get their truck loaded. Some sites like Shiply offers free subscription. The load board facilitates communication between broker, shipper and owner-operator or small carrier.

How Do Load Boards Work?

A load board is an online marketplace that connects trucks with freight brokers and shippers who need loads delivered. In short, it works like a matchmaking platform for the three parties: shipper, broker and carrier. An online load board gives shippers and brokers a platform where they can post what type of cargo needs to be moved from Point A to Point B.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Owner-operators specify to brokers their location and their destination route.
  2. Brokers post the loads they have available from shippers and find owner-operators.
  3. Shippers save time and money when their goods are transported efficiently and quickly.

Choosing The Right Load Board

There are many load boards that you can find on the Internet. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right ones for your trucking company:

  1. Use more than one board – sign up with a few good boards to increase your chances of getting the best loads.
  2. Watch your spending. Some load boards are free, but most charge a subscription fee. Try to find one like Shiply that offers free membership.
  3. Post a company profile. This is the best way for shippers who are visiting load boards to find your company.
  4. Seek out the best loads. Search on multiple boards to help you find the most profitable loads.

If you’re a small carrier or an owner-operator looking for delivery work, you won’t find a load board with better options than Shiply. With access to millions of customers and thousands of new shipping jobs posted every day, truckers and carriers can find the best work from anywhere in the country, which means you can find the best fit every time. Shiply’s free load board is a great way to grow your business. Every shipping company on Shiply is feedback rated by its customers. Only the best shipping companies can thrive on Shiply.

With persistence in your effort, you will surely be successful in finding quality truck loads to help your business expand. Load boards are a great tool to help your trucking business grow to the next level.

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