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Does Your Business Need Display Freezers


Having a reliable and attractive display unit that looks good can be a valuable asset to any business, especially those serving takeaway frozen foods such as ice cream and ready meals, and there is plenty of choice available and many manufacturers on the market.

Most in-store freezers are self-service, so customers can take what they need straight to the till. In places such as newsagents, convenience stores and leisure centres, the freezers tend to be positioned at the front of the shop so customers can spot them easily and be tempted by what’s on offer.


Unlike a restaurant that may use large commercial freezers in their kitchens which are out of sight of the customers, display freezers tend to be designed with appearance in mind and can include easy-to-clean shelving and lighting which ensures your products look good.

A good display freezer will come with glass doors. These tend be made of tempered glass, which is strong and hardwearing. It will also help avoid any unfortunate accidents caused by customers leaning on the doors or bashing into them with shopping bags, backpacks and pushchairs. Glass doors are also easy to clean and can make food such as meats look high-end, which is key for maximising sales and making customers feel confident that they are purchasing quality and reliable produce.

There are many models and manufacturers, and you can see a great selection from supplier such as https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/glass-door-refrigeration/single-glass-door-freezers.


Making sure your products are stored correctly is not only important for customer satisfaction but essential for a business’s Health and Safety record, as discussed in a recent report published by the City of London University which highlights concerns about the UK’s food safety.

Not only should your freezer be up to the job, it should also be nice to live with! The days of humming freezers are over, and modern display freezers are now designed to be much quieter than previous models, which is great news for staff and customers alike.

Food is one of life’s great pleasures, and customers invest a lot of time and money into buying tasty food which appeals to them, their families and friends. How food is stored and displayed is taken for granted by customers, but if a product doesn’t look fresh, it’s unlikely to sell.