How mental health affects your trading performance


A peaceful mind is fundamental to any type of professional growth. Mental skills are also very important in the financial market along with your analytical skills. Adaptability to the market movements and adjusting your strategy with the change, demands sound metal health from a trader. You can mess up in your trading a lot of ways, like entering too early or too late, taking too much risk, misjudging lot size, getting out too early, not taking enough chance, etc. Build up your trading psychology takes a lot of time and practice. But with patience, proper education, and nourishment you can achieve that ability.

Plan and believe your strategy

Planning your strategy is one of the first few learnings that a trader acquires. But the planning strategy would do no good if he/she doesn’t practice enough. Your strategy should be your primary weapon, like your second nature. With regular practice, you will start to believe in the process. You may ask why it is important to believe. It is necessary because if you do it, it will give you the confidence to stick with the strategy. It will take you days of practice or even a few months, but when you practice it will help in the long term.

Prepare before you start

Before start a trading day, preparation is the key. For a sound head, make sure you have good sleep the night before. Doing some morning exercise would also help you to keep your mind and body in sync. Remind yourself how you planned your strategy for that particular day. Collecting and analyzing all the market information before your trade entry is also very important. All these things will prepare you for the day. To remind you again, Forex trading demands a lot of patience and practice from you.

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Take a break when necessary

As we already said it takes a lot of mental effort to stay in the game. That’s why you better take a break if you don’t feel well or focused. Other than trading, we have to deal with lots of things in life. Those aspects of life also require a lot of attention and energy. You have to prioritize your activities in those tricky situations. You shouldn’t trade if you don’t feel healthy or focused. Sometimes stay away from the market is the best way to stay in the market. It might sound funny but sometimes not trading may save your account balance.

Risking beyond your ability

Risky trades are very common for every trader. At the same time, risk management is another key skill to learn. You should know how much risk you should put onto your account. Before every trading day, a trader should plan how much profit or loss he/she anticipating in that particular time frame. Some traders may consider making some extra few bucks outside the time frame which actually may put him in risk. That’s why controlling your emotions is so essential in Forex trading. Sometimes greed and fear take control of us, which may force a trader to make a desperate entry. But practicing mental conditioning will help you to keep them in check.

Lastly, no human is above making errors. We all make countless mistakes in every passing day. But a wise individual takes learning from them and try to not repeat. You have to control your instincts to perform well in the trading market. Whenever an odd situation arises, keep your head down and think about its circumstances. If you can think accordingly you will find a way out, no matter how hard it may seem at the beginning.     


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