Buying A Storage Container: Tips For Beginners


There are different reasons for buying a storage container. You can make it into a home, a guesthouse, a garage, shelter, an office, or even a garden shed. Knowing where to start and what to do will let you get the best deals available. The tips below can help you save time and money.


Getting clear on why you want to buy a storage container will let you choose easier. What would you use it for? Will it be for storage purposes? Or will it be for business or living purposes?


You can get storage containers in different sizes. Most containers are 8 feet wide and 8.65 feet tall. Their lengths vary from 10 feet, 20 feet, or 40 feet long. Knowing the exact size you need will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Used, refurbished, or new

Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages. Although newer models can be a bit more expensive, they are cleaner and often problem-free. You can buy used models at around 30-50% less than the price of new ones, but they may have some damage. Used ones are the best option for those who are on a tight budget. For those who need pristine containers, then the new ones should be the choice.


Take note of age, especially when you are planning to buy used storage containers. Older ones may have had extreme shipping histories. Any container older than 10 years needs refurbishing. Using a used storage container for cargo transport will need proper inspection. A recertification by a qualified marine surveyor would also be vital. The purpose of the certification is to declare the container fit for usage for up to 24 months. After that, it will need another recertification.


It is crucial to run a thorough inspection before you buy anything. Make sure that the containers are in good condition. Buying damaged containers may cost you a lot in unexpected repairs and problems. A professional inspector can do it for you if you want. You can also check the container yourself and ask the seller a few things. Inquire about any damage, dents, patches, rust, or any possible leaks. The container should be watertight, wind- and vermin-proof.

Working mechanisms

There are other things you have to inspect. These include the gasket seals, doors, hinges, locks, roofs, and lower sidewall. They may have some damage. You should focus on ensuring everything is in good working order.

Extra features and modifications

A lot of sellers offer extra features and modifications. You can get a container with doors at both ends or on one of the sides for easier access. You can also get it wired for electricity or have it refrigerated. The container can also have windows, shelves, and a lot more depending on your request.

Never buy storage containers without seeing or inspecting them first. Find a local storage container dealer. Make sure it is reputable and reliable.

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