Cryptocurrency Brokers


With the increase in demand for alternative investments, the market in cryptocurrency is rising exponentially. There is no entity that is in charge of controlling this currency. Of all cryptocurrencies available, Bitcoin is by far the most well-known. Through the blockchain technology, all transactions made with cryptocurrency are recorded, to combat what is called double spending. Other types of cryptocurrencies include Ether, Litecoin, New Economy Movement and Monero. However, since Bitcoin was created in 2009, there are now more than a thousand different cryptocurrencies available.

Thanks to the boost that the market for cryptocurrency gets from financial technology, many products that are not related to banks are now sought out and even preferred by investors, including forex day traders. To keep up with the pace, there are now many cryptocurrency brokers available to help educate investors and place orders. This article deals with only a few.


According to our stats, FXTM has a minimum deposit required of only $200. While they do not offer promotions, they do have a loyalty cashback program. They trade in any market and in 2016 the company won the best FX Broker European CEO Award. They permit hedging and scalping and they admit to following some of the most successful traders so they can copy them!


Pepperstone will also place an order for you if you can come up with the minimum investment of $200. They do not charge fees for deposits or withdrawals and they offer funding options that do not require a fee. They promote razor spreads from 0.0 pips and on every trade you make with them, you can accumulate Qantas points. Besides all of that, Pepperstone is an award-winning CFD broker.


You can begin trading with easyMarkets with a deposit of only $100. No, they don’t offer any type of promotion but you can trade Bitcoin with them with a promise of no slippage. There are no hidden fees or commissions on investments and they offer a guaranteed Stop / Loss and Take Profit option at no extra charge to the customer.


At 24, you need a minimum of $250 to place an order. However, they trade CFDs on the most popular cryptocurrencies. They promote their establishment as a place you can go to for all financial markets, all in one place. Although no special offers are listed, they advertise premium promotions and trading incentives.

Ava Trade

You can trade with Ava Trade beginning with minimum deposits of $250. The company, which is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, ASIC, was established in 2006. The company offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Dash to its investors.


With Plus500, we’re back to the minimum deposit of only $100. Regulated by Financial Conduct Authority, Plus500 was established in 2008. You can set stop limits, stop / loss and trailing stops. They offer free notifications and negative balance protection.

With cryptocurrency, as with any other type of investment, there are many types to choose from. Research the market and choose the one, or select several, and watch them grow.

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