Gimi for Children


By the beginning of the Covid-19 in all over the world, also with the improvements in the sphere of technologies, the needs for new types of services bolded among users. However there are some issues that before all these difficulties, still were important for customers. The requirement for having a type of services that especially for family and can manage all financial activities of the family members. In this case, we will write about Gimi as an online successful platform that is providing services for the comfort of its users, especially families.

Gimi & Its Features

As mentioned above, Gimi is an online platform created specifically for the comfort of families and childerens. With Gimi, users will be able to spend their money abroad, online and in the shops. Also customers can target some goals inside of the Gimi mobile app and try to achieve it. With bringing other members of the family to use the platform, users can start to use all services all together with others. In case of any issues, customers can make an online chat inside of the mobile app and solve their issues as soon as possible. Should be noted that with Gimi users can get cards, earn money, cooperate with others and be a fan of art. Shortly to say, all the necessary financial needs of people and especially families can be solved by Gimi. Official source.

Gimi for Children & Gimi Cards

All mentioned services can provide for families too. Just the account will be opened by the parents, they can order Gimi cards for their childs, connect to each other’s account inside of Gimi mobile app and start to use all services with the help of the app. So in this case, users always can track their money, put the new targets, learn children by the Gimi app that how they can save money for their futures and also with the Gimi, childs not alone and in any difficulties they will be able to make a online chat with customer service that is always online. Should be noted that the prepaid Mastercard of Gimi is not just about making payments, but it is trying to teach children about the value of money and also be a comfortable card for the younger generation to manage their money. Simply by downloading the Gimi mobile app, parents and children will be able to see their financial details. Then with linking the parents account to children’s accounts, they will be able to transfer money to the child’s account as easily as possible. At the end, when the children are ready to manage their own money, parents can order the Gimi cards for them to make their life easier.


Definitely, online platforms like Gimi can solve so many problems and issues in families and among family members. However, it should be noted that Gimi is not just for families and any individual can use its services and manage their financial activities as easily as possible.

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